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【Yanyan skin】HD skin 12 euro.

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Support all Getamped server except chinaBuy 4 get 1 freeIf you want get a free skin for buying 4 skins .You should buy all 4 skins at one time .New event:Clan skin price is skin Original price x4{:7_242:}Skin Maker:YanyanYanyan QQ:[email protected] email:[email protected] not paypal .If you buy 【yanyan skin】Payments to paypal:[email protected]

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About Paypal:Do you have PAYPAL?

If you want to buy . You can ask your Parents or Friends how to use PAYPAL .Because they know better than I how to use .
I here is the paypal in China . Paypal Language is different .
We only accept Paypal payments . Sorry .
Maybe learning paypal very difficult . But I not have other way .
Waiting for your good news . Thank you .

Tell me which skin you want buy (send me the pictures and server)

If you have already paid .
I will contact you as soon as possible.
We do not sell skin file .
Only upload skin to your account .
After sale:All skin can't to old change new .
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