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Getamped Skin maker tool 5.0 (Free Download)

Now only Support old skin editor mode
Work for most getamped server
turn off the firewall if you cant ues

just try more time if dont work
This program can help you make your own skin!!!!!
you can share your Accessories Skin or Head Skin file in this Forum

Getamped skin maker tool Guide
Getamped skin maker tool 2.0 Guide
Getamped skin maker tool 4.0 Guide

Getamped skin maker tool 5.0 Guide

thruller Publish time 2013-10-6 23:00:32


lovenabarca Publish time 2013-10-6 23:41:53


Johnny Publish time 2013-10-7 01:05:41

Works for body AND Head? What about facial expression?

zefiros4 Publish time 2013-10-7 02:58:42

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have virus ?
I had tested it really works thanks alot ;D

fatality Publish time 2013-10-7 04:21:29

virus detected

dikaylee Publish time 2013-10-7 10:52:11

have VR so i can' t download it

batlucdaisu Publish time 2013-10-8 02:30:30

i'm not used this software{:5_132:}

kurmama Publish time 2013-10-8 09:28:15

Thanks gan.. :D

PeopepwpKqoaao Publish time 2013-10-11 14:11:11

virus ????
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